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Metacore - A History (Introduction) - Posted Saturday, 12th August 2006 by Liam

Sort of like 'Hogwarts - A History', except for the ex-development group Metacore.

This series of articles, released over 5 days, will hopefully give you an insight into the development team itself, why it fell apart, and some advice for future development teams.

Well worth a read!

This is Part 0, or the Introduction.

Metacore was, arguably, one of the biggest things in the Community since the release of Docking Station and the closure of Creature Labs in 2003. Even now it is still being talked about in forums, over IM, and occasionally even in chat rooms. But what do you actually know about Metacore beyond what was shown to the public?

This article, I hope, will give you a better understanding of exactly who Metacore was, what Metacore did, and why Metacore collapsed. With any luck, it will also give you an idea of how similarly large projects can succeed where we sadly did not. This article will give you a peek at some of the projects we worked on but never released; including the Mushroom Caves and the Airlock, and some other tidbits here and there (including the beta of the original Mermaid Caves metaroom!), so hopefully this small series of articles will prove interesting!

Iíve been asked to write an article like this for some time now, and since it was the Creatures Community Spirit Festival I thought this would be the perfect time Ė a hint of nostalgia, thrown in with the mix of fun, excitement and general happiness. The future and present walk hand-in-hand with the past, and sometimes we need to be reminded of what didnít work to be able to make things which do.

There will be 5 parts to this, including interviews from some of the members of Metacore, a detailed account of how Metacore came into being, and finally how and why it fell apart.

History - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

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