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Metacore - Part 1: Beginnings - Posted Saturday, 12th August 2006 by Liam

This is part 1 of 5 from the article 'Metacore, A History'.

It all started in way back in 2001 when Nina created her Mermaid Norns, the first C3 norns able to breathe underwater. She realised that there wasn’t enough room for her aquatic creatures, and decided to create another underwater room for them. This idea went on to become the Mermaid Caves, which got a fair way before it was cancelled due to a computer problem, and it was simply not started again.

Then, one fine Australian day in May 2004 Knux_Econa, nornagon and Daan were talking, and Knux showed them the Mermaid Caves - between the three of them, they decided to restart the project that had seemed so promising and interesting. Firstly, they tried to contact Nina, but she was incommunicado at the time. All attempts to get her permission failed, so they collectively decided to rename the project to avoid copyright issues - this also solved arguments over whether to use completely new graphics or not, which had in turn made the decision to split the projects easier.

But this created a new problem in itself... the actual need for an artist. In their search, Knux_Econa, Daan and nornagon came upon 3kul, who became one of the concept artists for Aquatilis Caverna and contributed a lot of the original ideas to the project and helped it become what it is today.

It was about then that I joined the project- as a friend of nornagon, Daan and Knux_Econa, I was asked to help them with various things being a beginner coder and something of an ideas man. Together, the 5 of us continued our search for an artist... and within a few days, we had discovered ‘the girl of our dreams’, as nornagon put it... BloodLuvinGirl.

Posting on the Gameware forums for help with her project ‘The Mushroom Caves’, BLG as she was nicknamed immediately caught the eye of nornagon and myself, and I (who was working on a project which BLG might have joined at the time) contacted her about joining Metacore. She accepted with enthusiasm, hoping to finish the Mushroom Caves and release them alongside what nornagon and Knux_Econa had renamed ‘Aquatilis Caverna’, or ‘The Watery Caverns’.

BLG decided to put aside her own project for the moment and work solely on Aquatilis Caverna - after consulting with Knux, nornagon and 3kul she began to work on the concepts for the room, vaguely based upon some of the sketches which had been previously been done by nornagon and Knux.

Soon, an idea for room 1 emerged from countless sketches, and BLG began to block it out in 3D Studio Max, altering the design slightly as she went, all the while continuing to sketch various critters, plants and toys for the room. As these were being sketched it was decided for certain there would be more than 1 room - at first the idea was to have 3 rooms, but after some discussion we decided to do 2 rooms with a possible, smaller 3rd room.

All during this time, small arguments were already breaking out over miniscule details - but these were all resolved positively on the forums, which had been put up not long after BLG had joined the team. The forums were already going well, a hive of activity and interest which just kept on growing with more ideas and discussion.

By now we were only 3 weeks or so into the project, and the amount of work BLG was doing was utterly staggering- it seemed each day she had something new to show and wow us with. It was a wonderful and fun time; we were all brought closer by BLG’s work and our increasing determination to bring Aquatilis Caverna to fruition.

Images for Part 1 - Aquatilis Caverna Room 1 Progression

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