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Metacore - Part 3: The Golden Months - Posted Monday, 14th August 2006 by Liam

Part 3 of the Metacore article. Includes some unreleased promotional renders BLG did, as well as the original Jellyfish animation!

Metacore was thriving, and things were going well – in the eyes of the public, anywho. New projects were being started, and old ones were beginning to become neglected; the atmosphere was slowly being invaded by tension and burnout. The increasing requests for BloodLuvinGirl to finish or do things were working their toll on the team (and her), and we began to realise that we needed to slow down.

Despite her setbacks, BLG continued working though she was beginning to get tired of the constant work, and it was even beginning to affect her physical health. Her job was beginning to become more demanding, and she was forced to spend less and less time developing, which in turn brought other development to a slow halt.

The critters and plants of AC were being worked on by the coders, and looked fantastic; Charan was coming together, as was the Den, and AC itself was shaping up nicely.

BLG’s ideas for an Airlock were put aside, and even though the background had reached a relative state of completion, she never sent in the final version, so we were down to rooms 1 & 2. MK had Room 2 ingame, and with the critters and plants in it, it was gorgeous – I keep repeating similar statements, but it’s true - we were always wowed when we actually looked at AC, and it inspired us to keep working.

The Den’s first room background was completed, and it looked great; many people have commented that Sent is BLGs’ equivalent in 2D, and I can’t help but agree as I look at the Den.

Development on BLGs’ main project, the Mushroom Caves, also halted as she was forced to stop visiting the forums due to illness, and the team (and she) were becoming rather disenchanted with the constant work.

Aquatilis Caverna was shaping up to be the biggest thing since Sliced Bread (or possibly Docking Station), and a debate began which would eventually help topple Metacore itself - would we, COULD we, sell Aquatilis Caverna?

It was a huge argument, and it split the growing team in half. Some wanted to profit from AC, saying that they were putting in hours of real time which could be spent doing better things, while others thought that selling Aquatilis Caverna wouldn’t be a good idea, and they even went so far as to refuse to continue working on the project unless it was free.

Some, as myself, were undecided; I felt that although it would be great to get money from AC, the community could really benefit from a free room – and besides, what right did we have to sell AC? Many other metarooms were made for free, and I appreciated that immensely.

After what seemed like weeks of heated debate, it was decided AC would be free, though perhaps future Metacore rooms could be sold. Of course, there was the added complication of asking Gameware permission, but we had decided to leave that until we had decided. We had tentatively asked questions about the subject of the selling of rooms, and had received somewhat positive answers, but this didn’t really affect the final decision.

Metacore was beginning the slow descent into the atmosphere, and it seemed flames were already appearing.

And finally for the jellyfish animation, by BLG! Enjoy! This was the first we saw of any critter... pretty cool, no?

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