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Metacore - Part 4: The Descent - Posted Wednesday, 16th August 2006 by Liam

Part 4 of 5, this section deals with 'the descent' and fall of Metacore. Included are pictures of the Flaris Norns, as well as some of the original AC concepts by 3Kul, BLG, Knux_Econa, Sent and nornagon!

A period of quiet followed, and attempts to revive the forums failed miserably. Eventually we decided to halt the new projects and finish our older projects – namely AC – and we began work again, albeit at a much slower pace. Critters were reaching a state of relative completion, as were plants and toys; plans for breeds were put aside due to BLG’s absence.

MK, too, was becoming more and more absent as he got caught up in real life, and his remaining critters and ideas never reached completion. He posted a final goodbye, and we watched him go with heavy hearts.

The core development team of Aquatilis Caverna had left, and the remainder of the team felt lost. How could we finish the room? What would we do without our main coders and artists? Nornagon continued to code and I did some art, but eventually Aquatilis Caverna too was halted.

As forum posts began less and less frequent, I realized something; it had been the small arguments, the gradual forming of dissent between members and feelings of abandonment and burnout which had really caused Metacore's horrendous lapse in development. I began to accept something which would take me nigh on a year to fully come to terms to: Metacore, the development group which had been an enormous part of my life for almost half a year, was dying.

Knux began to save images from the forum, but unfortunately he couldn’t get all of them and hundreds of critter concepts were lost when nornagon finally took the forums down. I vaguely remember that we didn’t make a public announcement about the closure of Metacore for some time afterwards, and we every day I had to tell people what had happened. It became tiring after a while, as you can imagine.

A month later, I was still in shock as I slowly lost contact with the now ex-members of Metacore. I stayed in contact with Knux, nornagon, Aquashee, and some others, but I myself began to phase out of the community a bit.

I did a little more work on Aquatilis Caverna before deciding to call it quits for a few months, and started working on my own stuff - most of which was so atrocious I deleted it soon after. Eventually, I got the urge to work on AC again, and began fixing the reported bugs. Sent and I put up a website, and I began writing the AC story.

Metacore, Aquatilis Caverna, the Mushroom Caves, Elysia... all these projects meant a lot to me, and still do. One day, I may pick up one of the older projects again, or someone will ask to work on it and something else will be done.

But to me, the thing which fundamentally made these projects wonderful was Metacore- the friendship, interesting designs, good discussion, I even miss some of the arguments, as weird as that is! Metacore is still a part of me, and what happened has affected me in more ways than one.

This concludes the written part of the article; if you have any questions, please direct them to the CCSF2006 forums, or myself, thank you!

I hope this has given you some idea of how Metacore functioned, what went wrong, and perhaps how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Flaris Norns by BLG!

Albian Carrot Beetle Descendant!

Critter Concepts by BLG

Egg concept by Sentinal

Original AC concepts by Knux and nornagon!

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