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Banshee Hydrolisks - Posted Monday, 7th November 2011 by Laura

This terrifying breed of amphibious predators will sure help to thin out those pesky Norns a bit! The Banshee Hydrolisks were based on the Banshee Grendel genome and are completely carnivorous and adapted for a life in water.


  • The Banshee Grendel Pack - in order to see their correct sprites

Download the Banshee Hydrolisks!

Grendel_Man writes:

Besides these changes, (please refer to the Readme) the Banshee Hydrolisks are more or less the same Grendel as a standard Banshee. Unless you're using them to add a threat to an aquatic Wolfling Run, I'd suggest watching them around your Norns, considering that to them, a Norn is a meal.

The Banshee Hydrolisks get a nice meal out of slapping other creatures, but they also love to munch on various bugs and critters. If you have the Improved Swimming Agent installed, they can swim around freely, in Past Seas perhaps, to catch their lunch!

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