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Moe's Room Modelling Basics Tutorial - Posted Thursday, 24th August 2006 by Don

This guide by our talented 3D artist Moe will users in the tricky art of modelling a metaroom in 3D. Do note that you will probably need some level of prior knowledge of 3D graphics to be able to follow the tutorial fully.

Tutorial by Moe:

Alright! This is a top secret Moetorial! I will show you the basics of room layout and modelling. In this edition I will show you basic room setup, such as placement and setup of the meta junk that lines the rooms.

Begin by drawing a basic outline of your room in the front viewport using splines. I will use a default alternative but you could trace a room image. Oh I don't know if you know this, but when you put an image in the viewport you can have it maintain it's size as you zoom - under Aspect Ratio, select 'match bitmap' then to the right of that select lock zoom/pan. The best thing to do when drawing your room's meta stuff from splines is not to close the spline - in a moment I'll show you why - and don't close the spline on areas where you would add a dome or something, for example:

Now add a small box with the approximate width for the size of your room near the beginning of the spline, as shown below:

Convert it to editable polygon ofc. Now select the polygon closest to the beginning point of the spline.

Move down the list of options on the right for the polygon selection mode until you reach the 'Edit Polygons' tab. Under it you will see something called 'Extrude along Spline', click the little windows next to it. Then click where it says 'Pick Spline', and click along your spline in the view. Tada! The room is almost done already. lol!

Other options are there for more detail and complexity, for my case I set it to 25 so I had a nicely curved room. Now comes the part you already know how to do, addmeshsmooth, lighting and a good texture. Then just render it in your front viewport.

Now you have the room made, all you have to do now is add objects and make sure they are set behind the main meta junk such as panes of grass. As for adding background walls and stuff, you can loft a good nurbs wall. Oh, another good thing would be to move some of the polygons around to make some areas fatter, since it is a bit too conformed.

Happy Moedelling -
err Modelling!

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