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A Beginners Guide to easyPRAY - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

By Shadowveil

Once you have all the files for your agent, you need to compile them into one .agents file for easy distribution. By far the quickest way to do this is with Tina Hirsch's easyPRAY. So here are some simple steps to using this handy tool, written for beginners by a beginner.

First, you will need to download and install the PRAY Builder from here

And easyPRAY from here!

I strongly recommend testing your agent with the CAOS Tool first, or you will have to delete the agent file and compile it again if you find bugs in your code.

1. Open the easyPRAY folder. By default, it is installed in Program Files. Inside this folder, there will be a folder named "Projects,0,32". Put all the files for your agent in here. This includes the .cos file, the .c16 or .s16 file, and a .catalogue file if you have one. You will also need to add any unique sound files (.wav) your agent uses. If it uses standard DS sounds, this won't be necessary.

Catalogue files contain the text that will show up in the in-game Agent Help. Look in easyPRAY/Projects/tux for an example.

2. Once you have all the files in the Projects,0,32 folder, go back to the main easyPRAY folder and run "easyPRAY.exe"

3. Click the blank clipboard in the top left corner. Select "Agents(s)", select your .cos file, then C3, DS or C3&DS. It will then show the PRAY template for the agent.

4. Click the + symbol in the menu on the left, then on the + next to "Additional Files". This will show all the files your agent uses. The sound and image files in the "Projects,0,32" folder should already be selected, indicating that they will be added to the .agent file.

To add a .catalogue file, go to Edit/"Add multimedia or genetic files to the current agent or egg", or click the Add Multimedia button. If the .catalogue file is in the "Projects,0,32" folder (this is by far the easiest way to do this), click Yes and select the file from the list.

5. Click "Creatorinfo" in the left-hand menu. Write a description and a name for the agent, this will appear in the DS creator. If the agent is for C3 and DS, it will need a different name for each creator, for example "Agentname (C3)" and "Agentname (DS)". For C3, give it a value for how much bioenergy is needed to create the agent.

The Animation String values determine what is shown in the Creator window. If these are left as zero, it will show the first frame in the sprite file.

6. Click Edit/Compile Agent to make the agent file. The .agents file and the PRAY template will appear in the Projects,0,32 folder.

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