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A Quick Fix For Fastagers! - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

Most breeders will agree that inevitably, the more unique and beautiful a creature's coloration is, the more likely it is to be a fastager. This tutorial shows a simple way of editing a norn's genetics to fix its fastager problem!

Tutorial by Knytetrypper.

Most breeders will agree that inevitably, the more unique and beautiful a creature's coloration is, the more likely it is to be a fastager. And fastagers are a problem. They mature too quickly either to train them or get to know them properly, begin having babies of their own within minutes of birth, and rapidly overpopulate the ship. I've found a quick fix for fastagers which will convert them and their offspring to "normal" norns without destroying any unique coloration thay might have.

The tools we'll be using are the DevThing from Wopsy's Creatures Stuffs, and the Genetics Editor from CDN. I'm just a beginning genetics student, so there may be better tools and better methods. But this works well and isn't much of a hassle.

Choose the creature you want to fix. Open DevThing and go to Creatures/Genetics Injections/Get Moniker. Move the moniker panel up near the top of the screen where it won't be obscured when you open the Genetics Editor. Open the editor next.

In the editor, go to File/Open/C:/Programs/Docking Station/My Worlds/(Name of current world)/Genetics. Here you'll find a genetics file for every creature that has been in this world. Look for the moniker of the selected creature, and click Open.

You'll see the selected creature's genes listed numerically. Go down to about gene 20 and start looking for the Half-Lives gene. It's usually in the mid-twenties, just after the head appearance gene. The half-lives gene contains a list of C3 bio chemicals. Scroll down this list to chemical 125, the life chemical. Double-click chemical 125, and at the bottom of the "Half-Life Data" panel is a sliding scale labeled "Half-Life." A chemical's half-life determines how fast or slowly the chemical will be used. The normal setting for the half-life of chemical 125 is 99. Fastagers will often have shortened or extended life spans. So-especially if the life span is less than normal-set this scale to 99.

Now scroll down the gene list to about gene 190 and start looking for Initial Concentration: Life. It should be somewhere within 10-15 places of gene 190. It will vary according to how complex the genetics of your selected norn are. Click on this gene when you find it, and make sure the "Amount" is 255. This is like the life gauge of a video game character, and you want to make sure it starts out full.

Now back up seven genes from Initial Concentration: Life. In the Organ, Tissue, Locus panel, it should say Creature-Somatic-Become a child in the dropdown panels, then Life, then Threshold, Nominal, and Gain. This gene determines where, as the life chemical decays, the creature will enter the next life stage. The setting we're concerned with is Threshold. In fastagers this is usually set very close to 255, which means the creature enters childhood almost immediately after birth. Change this setting to 229, which is normal.

The next gene is Become an Adolescent. Normal value is 194.

After that is Become a Youth, with a normal value of 165.

Next is Become an Adult. Normal value for Threshold here is 136.

Become Old is next, with a normal value of 19.

The normal value for Become Senile is 10.

Last, just before the Initial Concentration: Life gene is Die of Old Age. Normal value for Threshold is 5.

Your fastager now has all its life values reset to normal levels. Go to File at the top of the Genetics Editor, click it to open the menu, click "Save As," and resave the file, using the same moniker and overwriting the old file. Congratulations! We're almost done.

There are several ways to proceed from here, but basically you want to remove the original creature from your world and replace it with a genetically identical but "fixed" clone. Export it or kill it, in accordance with your tastes. If you kill it, you can use the renorminator to revive it, and it will return to your world with a normal life cycle and maintain its generation level. Alternatively, you can use the DevThing to inject the normal genome. In the DevThing go to Creatures/Genetic Injections/Inject Genome and find the creature's moniker just as you did with the Genetics Editor. You can inject the genome as either an egg or a baby creature. It will be at generation one. Either way, you can now relax and enjoy the lovely colors of your normally-aging creature.

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