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Installing Addons for the Mac OS X - Posted Thursday, 31st August 2006 by Don

This simple installation guide, based on Geat_Masta's walkthrough from the Creatures Wiki, will ensure that Mac users can make the most of this year's Festival as well.

To install third party files - such as breeds, agents or metarooms - you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find the Creatures 3 or DockingStation application - They should be located in your 'Hard Drive/Applications' folder.

  2. Control (right) click on either the Creatures 3 or DockingStation icon.

  3. Select "Show Package Contents" from the menu, (third item from the top).

  4. Open the 'Contents' folder, then open the 'MacOS' folder.

  5. Open the 'data' folder. (Creating a shortcut or alias to this folder is highly recommended. You'll be visiting here often.)
    * Drop .agent files into the 'My Agents' folder
    * Drop .cos files into the 'Boostrap/010 Docking Station' for DS.
    * Drop .cos files into the 'Bootstrap/001 World' folder for C3.

  6. Load the game and go to the Comms Room (DS) or to Engineering (C3) to inject your new agent.

  7. Once you have injected the agent, check your 'UserName/Library/Preferences/Creatures Labs/Docking Station' (DS) or
    'Creatures 3/data/Catalogue' (C3) folder for any new .catalogue files.

  8. Move any new .catalogue files (found in step 7 above) to
    'Hard Drive/Applications/Docking Station' (DS) or
    'Creatures 3/Contents/MacOS/data/Catalogue' (C3).

That's it, you are done!

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