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Angels and Assassins - Posted Sunday, 13th November 2011 by Laura

Today's battle between Good and Evi --I mean-- Day Thirteen, brings us an angelic agent, a stealthy new breed and some shiny fan art!

Download Ghosthande's Cupid's Halo Agent!

Download Marvin42's Assassin Norns!

View sam999's Fan Art: 'Christine'!

Official CCSF Docking Station Day!

While the Docking Station server appears to be down (again) it's been discussed in the CCSF Forums that today should be a designated "Play Docking Station Day"; just as a bit of CCSF fun! If anything, it gives us an opportunity to play with some of the fun releases from the past two weeks.

Those who wish to join in can commit to playing Docking Station for at least ten minutes, and possibly export some creatures to share! Don't forget to download the DS Offline Option in order to register your worlds offline!

And as if you didn't need more encouragement, Pirate-Rob has made this video to mark the event!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Amaikokonut's release for today is a tweaked version of her original Critical Hit Script. In short, it allows especially angry creatures to have a chance of hitting another creature extra hard, sending it flying across the room and injuring it quite badly. To be used with caution!

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