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From Meso to Meadows - Posted Monday, 14th November 2011 by Laura

Welcome to Day Fourteen, the last day of the CCSF 2011 (... Or is it? ), and today we transport you and your Norns to greener pastures!

Download the Veridia Metaroom!

Download the Biodome Object Pack!

Download Caotic's Desktop Wallpapers!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. This time Amaikokonut gives us her Interactive Egg Script. This script, similar to the critical hit script and crossbreeding script, is meant to just add an extra bit of flavour to the game. It makes eggs a little bit more interactive; you and your creatures can both tickle and slap them. Tickling (clicking for the Hand and pushing for creatures) warms them up a bit and speeds their development, while slapping (shift+clicking for the Hand and hitting for creatures) damages the eggs and may injure or even kill the unborn creature. Eggs will also generally hatch a bit faster than normal!

CCSF Competition Winners!

Drum roll please! Our three contest winners are:

Caption contest: JESSICA!

Cutest Creature contest: JODIE!


Yao is a beautiful Norn who LOVES to eat critters. She is very curious and likes to follow the Hand sometimes, and she has a quite short attention span. Sometimes I see the little green arrow go all over the place!

Norn Breed of the Future: NEV!

Piranha Norn

I'm entering this drawing of a breed I dreamed of as a Creatures-mad child in 2003. I picked it as my entry because it is literally a Norn breed of a the future, a future Norn that will now be made, dreamed up all those millions of years ago and possible now because of the hold that creatures gets over it's fans! It's great that a lot of the people now making COBs, agents and breeds and even the new games in the series grew up with the games, I think.

Congratulations, you three; I shall be emailing you your prize shortly! In the meantime, click to see what you have won!

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