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Deep Blue Sea - Posted Tuesday, 15th November 2011 by Laura

SURPRISE! Welcome to Day Fifteen!

I just couldn't sign off as the CCSF 2011 co-ordinator without leaving you with something very special! I know some of you have been waiting patiently for this since the festival began, so please enjoy these final releases from the extremely talented Ghosthande!

Download Ghosthande's Metaroom, Devil's Reef!

Download Ghosthande's Deep Norns!

And as if that wasn't enough, Mea has donated a huge assortment of Ettins and Grendels for our final instalment of Adoption of the Day!

It has been hugely enjoyable to bring together the festival this year, and with enough submissions to fill both Shee Ark airlocks, and then some, it's been a very exciting experience for me too!

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to:

Don, Ghosthande, Ylukyun, sam999, Jessica, AquaShee, Pirate-Rob, Jdownie2, Veolfa, Amaikokonut, C-Rex, Grendelle, Annex, Mea, Malkin, minisauron, Tercerois2cool, Tisairy, Officer-1BDI, Fallowbelinda, Doringo, Luci, Chocosaurus, Aliena, CharleyRogan, KC11, Lusewing, Kyubey, Marvin42, Caotic, ArchDragon, Gumbo, Nev, Jodie, Grendel_Man, NornBreeder, AquaShard, Vatrena, HolyTomato, Razgriz, Nirax, Liam, Marvolo323 and Soliloquy!

Thank you for all your hard work, and to everyone else in the community who just enjoyed themselves too; the CCSF 2011 wouldn't have been what it is without you all!

So until next year; let's do it all over again!

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