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Current CCSF 2011 Competitions - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

We have three competitions for you this year. The winners will be announced November 14th and will each receive an EXCLUSIVE PRIZE, courtesy of the very creative Ghosthande! Now who wouldn't want that?

Entries for all contests will close on November 13th.

Caption Contest

What are Allie the Norn and Fig the Grendel saying to each other?

To enter, simply download this screenshot, fill in the empty speech bubbles and send it back to us, with your name, to ccsf(at)creaturescommunity.com.

Cutest Creature Contest

What's YOUR cutest Norn? Do you have an especially adorable Ettin, or a Grendel story to make folks giggle?

We're holding a contest to decide the Creatures Community's cutest creature! Just send us a picture of your cutest creature to ccsf(at)creaturescommunity.com, along with a short description about what makes your little darling special, whether it be their charming looks or something they've done.

Norn Breed of the Future Contest

If you could create your very own Norn breed, what would it look like?

The design of the new Creatures 4 Norn has prompted much debate within the community, so now's your chance to make your own. Get artsy, send your designs to ccsf(at)creaturescommunity.com, and show us how YOU think a Norn breed of the future should look!

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