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CCSF 2011 Sampler: Adoptions of the Day - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

To submit your creatures, see the CCSF 2011 Sampler: How To Enter page!

Donated by Mea:

For the very last day of the CCSF 2011, we have some special creatures up for adoption! Instead of just one or two creatures up for grabs, Mea has very generously given us a broad assortment of Ettins and Grendels!

Download Mea's Assortment!

Included in this pack is a ‘Wild Mix', some ‘Experimentals', ‘Angry Kitties', ‘Aqua Kitties', ‘Cotton Candy', Slow Growers'... and so much more! With this much variety, there's bound to be a creature for everyone to fall in love with! I just hope you all like unzipping files, because there are a lot of them.


The Neko Ettins, Guppy Ettins, Plague Ettins, Bengals des Neiges V2, Pearl Mermaid Norns, Vampyre Grendels, and either the Dusky or Pyrite Grendels need to be installed in order to view the sprites correctly!

Adoptions Archive:

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