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Other CCSF 2011 Events - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

There are plenty of events going on this year for you to get involved in.

Jdownie2's CCSF 2011 Breeding Project

Follow the progress of jdownie2's unique breeding project, as he and other Creatures fans try to create coloured, or colour-changing versions of every official C3/DS breed!

Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition: Entrants

Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition

In this Wolfling Run competition, see which player's Norn can outlast the others and have the most children, all while surviving within the treacherous environment of the Grendel Jungle.

Ylukyun's Species Guessing Game

Guess correctly which species is which, in Ylukyun's head-scratching, CCSF 2011 guessing game and win prizes! Entries close November 10th.

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